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Longer video submission

Can you extend the length of the video?
2 minutes is too short to give a demo of the app.


  •   •   over 2 years ago

    that seems to be devpost default recomendation. Pretty sure, that you can submit video of any length (basicaly, you submit just link on youtube)

  • Manager   •   over 2 years ago

    Hey, Great question. In the rules we say, "should be less than two (2) minutes;" so while it is not required that it be less than two minutes it is our recommendation to capture your audience within those two minutes. If you are finding that your video is way over 2 minutes, I suggest checking out our video making best practices https://help.devpost.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021816952-Video-making-best-practices

  •   •   over 2 years ago

    Hey Michelle,

    I got an email ("How to make your submission video great - monday Apps Challenge: Dream it, build it") indicating that under 3 minutes was ok:
    "Keep it simple. Your video shouldn't be longer than three minutes."

    I'm at 2:42, then found this discussion here and reviewed the rules.
    Unsure if it's worth a reshoot or not...

  • Manager   •   over 2 years ago

    Hey Anders, That should be fine in terms of video length. The length of the video rule is mostly to encourage participants to be concise and get to the important stuff quickly.

  •   •   over 2 years ago

    Sounds good, thanks for the prompt reply!

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