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No direct installation link or way to share a monday app between two accounts


At the moment monday apps can not be shared between two different accounts. That means only the account owner and the team members can view the app installed within that account.

This is mentioned in their documentation as follows.

Who can I share my apps with?
You can already share your apps with all the users on the account.

If you want to share your app with another account, you will first need to be invited to the account and then upload your app in the "Developers" section of that account.

In the future, we will allow sharing apps via a link and on our public apps marketplace.

That said, the requirements section for submission is asking us to provide a URL or web page to test it out. Due to the current limitations we can not provide such URL.

To test out an app, either we need to be invited to an account of the preference of the judge board. This way we can replicate the same application in their monday account.

Otherwise they need to be invited into an account of ours.

Can you please clarify on this and tell how we can provide a testable app to the judge board.



  • Manager   •   over 2 years ago

    Hey Thusitha,
    This is a great question. I asked the monday.com team and they will open the ability to create a sharable link for the app in the upcoming days/weeks. Look out for an update on this!

  •   •   over 2 years ago

    Thanks Michelle. That's good news.

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